2.3.14 Notes

Hello Everyone! Here are the notes from last night’s meeting. From now, all meeting notes will be posted on here and on our Bsync page under the file “Meeting Notes for Spring 2014“. If you need anything clarified, please contact the Secretary at jecrens4@uab.edu.



Discuss old business:

  • Activities for the semester:
    • Service (Jasmine C.): partnership with Youthserve for becoming adult volunteers for some of their community service events/ organizing a group of AASO members for Into the Streets
    • Speaker (Amy): Marvelyn Brown
      • She will need budget and contact information
      • Jasmine C. will contact Dr. Morgan about time and date, preferably in the beginning of March
    • Getting AASO member Gerrel to speak on his experiences with the prison system.
    • Combining the possible lectures from Gerrel and Marvelyn to create a type of lecture series or panel that will discuss HIV/AIDS in the prison population.

Discuss the display created for expo: display poster focused on interdisciplinary lens of unknown facts about African-Americans’ contributions in different fields, such as science and technology, medicine and psychology. Thanks to all who contributed to this.

Discuss our social media:  

  • Facebook: African-American Studies Organization at UAB, currently managed by Martez and Jasmine C.
    • Posting of articles, music, and everything else relevant to the black experience will be posted to the page.
    • Increasing number of people who have liked our page so far, over a hundred likes currently.
  • Twitter: @AASO_UAB, currently managed by Jasmine C.
    • Having difficulty gaining followers. Stephanie B. will take over as manager of said account.
  • WordPress: aasoatuab.wordpress.com, currently managed by Jasmine C.
    • Serving as a hub for all of our social media accounts, posting announcements, event schedules, articles, and everything else relevant to AASO.

Discuss project ideas and share Carlon’s letter:

Project ideas:

  • Creating a better presence on campus through outreach and public relations. This can happen at the New Student Orientation expos in the summer for incoming freshmen and at UAB Day/Transfer Days. Martez will look into Transfer Day (February 22nd) for the organization.
  • Black veterans in the community, and working with the local VA and Vet Center to create some type of panel, and/or meet and greet with the vets.
  • High school outreach (Will be discussed later in detail)
  • Creating a partnership with the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and/or the B’ham Museum of Art
  • Hosting a poetry slam with artist Divine Mind, and promoting our organization at Juneteenth (both as social events)
  • Showcase of students’ projects in AAS class as an expo, but we will need to work with professors on this idea.
  • Hosting an unsung heroes event.

Carlon’s letter |high school outreach project:

  • It focuses on gaining entry into local black high schools to talk with them on getting in into college and much more informative items. **Will be posted to our Orgsync page for members to read.
  • Name for the project that was decided on: For Greater Excellence over other choices as Operation Community, AASO Mentors, and It Takes A Village.
  • Slogan for the project: “It takes a village for greater excellence”.
  • List of schools we want to go to: Ramsay, Jackson-Olin, Holy Family, Parker, Wenonah, Midfield, Fairfield, Carver, Woodlawn, and other Birmingham City Schools. Each school listed will receive Carlon’s letter.
  • If possible, this mentor program can be turned into an all-day event.
  • If organization of project is successful, mentees can be invited to Dr. Jamison’s talk on hip-hop and masculinity on February 19th.


Discuss bridging the gap between us and other AA organizations on campus:

Attending events coordinated by other organizations such as BSAC, BMEN, UAB Multicultural Council, National Association of Black Accountants, especially with the events listed on the official Black History Month calendar from the university.

Discussing new business/announcements:

  • The idea of getting t-shirts for our organization, and covering the costs with our $5 membership fee. Also the possibility of getting a donor to buy our shirts.
  • Developing event calendar for February, March, and April:
    • What’s concrete: Dr. Jamison’s lecture on February 19th, and possibly Dr. Morgan’s banquet
    • Must decide on days and times to hold other events and projects.
    • Working with CAS Advising Office and UAB Digital Media on creating advertising materials about the AAS Department, especially the double major aspects.
      • Possible collaborators: Advisors Katherine Doggett & Deborah Littleton
      • Establishing a meeting schedule for the semester:
        • Every other Monday, if possible
        • Dates: Monday, February 17th and Monday, March 3rd at 5pm in HHB 426
        • Mentor program with Martez
          • Wednesday, 5:30-7:30pm, Wiggins Center (in distance of Lawson State Community Center), where they work on reading comprehension and leadership skills.

Next Meeting: February 17th, 5pm, HHB 426


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