2.10. 14 Minutes (Notes)

Hello Everyone! Here are the minutes from tonight’s meeting. From now, all meeting notes will be posted under the “Minutes from Meetings” page and on our Bsync page under the file “Meeting Notes for Spring 2014“. If you need anything clarified, please contact the Secretary at jecrens4@uab.edu.

2. 10. 14


Discuss old business from last meeting

  • The following was discussed at the previous meeting on the 3rd:
    • Our display poster at the Black History Month expo
    • Our social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, WordPress currently). Stephanie B. took over managing the Twitter account.
    • Our project ideas for the current semester and future semesters
    • Our plans to create a mentoring program, titled “For Greater Excellence”, in which we will visit local African-American schools in Birmingham and help them with gaining entry into college.
    • Techniques to bridge the gap between AASO and other African-American organizations on campus
    • The ideas of getting t-shirts
    • Developing a event schedule for the semester

Direct them to WordPress for the notes

  • The notes from the previous meeting (on the 3rd), this meeting, and future meeting will be posted to the WordPress blog and to our Bsync page under “Meeting Notes for Spring 2014” on Bsync and under “Minutes from Meetings” on WordPress.

New Business:

Discuss all project ideas and the time-table to bring them into fruition/Explain the projects that are achievable for this month and next month

Proposed timeline/schedule for Spring 2014:

  • Feb 10th: Emergency Meeting, 5pm, HB 234
  • Feb 17th: General Meeting, 5pm, HHB 426
  • Feb 19th: Dr. Jamison’s lecture, 6pm, HHB 102 (will be discussed in further detail below)
  • Feb 22nd: Transfer Day (Martez will be working on this): Will collaborate with CAS possibly on creating posters that will promote AAS program and the double-major possibility
  • Mar 3rd: Meeting, 5pm, HHB 426
  • Mar 4th: Ms. Brown’s lecture (will be discussed further)
  • Mar 8th: Into the Streets or Cardboard Connect (CC was moved up a week)
  • April: Holding an AASO Movie Night (Brian B.’s idea) and a meeting to elect new officers and to decide on the summer scheduling
    • Possible Movie Ideas: Higher Learning, Pariah (the earlier the choice, the easier to find and to be approved)

Dr. Jamison’s lecture (Feb. 19th at 6pm)

  • Before the event: refreshments outside of HHB 102 courtesy of AAS department (will be confirmed soon)
  • Lecture has been heavily promoted online and through social media, with event pages on both Facebook and OrgSync. This event is also listed on the UAB Campus Calendar.
  • Lecture now needs to be promoted with flyers and chalking by students and members. Flyers can be posted in the following buildings: Heritage, Humanities, Campbell, Chemistry, BEC, Sterne Library, Volker Hall, Commons, maybe in Housing, and Education. (will work on getting flyers printed by the end of the week or by the meeting on Monday)
  • Sharkayla T. also suggested getting students/members to share the flyer online to their own personal social media accounts with their friends.

Discuss Marvelyn Brown’s lecture:

  • Her lecture will take place on Tuesday, March 4th, 2014.
  • Time/place is set: 7pm, in Heritage Hall 102; the reservation was just acquired, but still need to be confirmed.
  • Carlon H. has confirmed publicity from al.com, and is currently working on getting some of the major news outlets in the city (ABC 33/40, NBC, CBS, FOX) to cover the event.
    • Other promotion tactics considered includes BlazerRadio, flyers, social media, and the Kaleidoscope, similar to Dr. Jamison’s lecture.
    • Jasmine C. also suggested doing a tabling event as a form of promotion, where we could handle novelty items and pamphlets about HIV/AIDS and flyers for the event. We could partner with the Student Social Work Organization, Bedsider UAB, or SHAPE at UAB for this event. This event will need to be held the week before the lecture.
      • Brian B. also suggested creating a podcast for the organization, in which he and Martez F. will discuss issues in the black community and also promote events for AASO.

Social media:

  • Brian B. expressed interest in working graphics and social media for AASO, including working on a new logo. Also he expressed interest in creating both a Instagram account and a Tumblr account for the organization.
  • Jasmine C. suggested making Brian B. and Stephanie B. co-Vice Presidents of Social Media, managing the Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr accounts. This will be voted on during the next meeting.

Next meeting: Monday, February 17th at 5pm in HHB 426


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