Happy Monday. Hope you have had an amazing weekend!

  • Today, the AASO will be having a special meeting to discuss advertising plans for Dr. Jamison’s lecture next week and also finalizing plans surrounding Marvelyn Brown, a HIV/AIDS activist, and her lecture in March.  The meeting will be at 5pm in Humanities Building Room 234. [Note: We will be watching the weather this afternoon just in case if we will have to cancel.]
  • But we will still be having the already scheduled meeting next Monday, the 17th, at 5pm in Heritage Hall Building 426!
  • Announced this past Friday, Dr. DeReef Jamison will be holding a lecture surrounding the topic of cultural identity, masculinity, and hip-hop next Wednesday, the 19th at 6pm in Heritage Hall Room 102. There will be light refreshments. This is sure to be an interesting lecture. Event page # 1 and event page #2.
  • There are three more ways to get more involved on campus, besides being in AASO!
  • Student Activities Council 
  • Emerging Leaders Application
  • UAB Multicultural Council
  • There are still many events happening this month in celebration of Black History Month here at UAB, including a discussion surrounding Black families this Thursday and a screening of “The Butler” next Sunday.
  • Lastly, Active Minds at UAB, a student organization here at UAB that works to fight the stigma against mental illness, will be holding their first annual Stride Against Stigma walk March 15th. See how you can get involved!

Also, please make sure to follow us on social media and join us on Bsync!


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