2.17.14 Minutes (Notes)


Attendance sheet was circulated.

Discuss old business from last meeting (done by Carlon):

  •  The timeline of events scheduled for this semester that is achievable to be done
  • Details of Dr. Jamison’s lecture and of Marvelyn Brown’s lecture, in terms of advertisements and logistics
  • Addition of new social media accounts (Tumblr & Instagram)
  • Electing Stephanie B. and Brian B. as Vice-Presidents of Media Relations

New business:

Cardboard Connect (discussed by Jasmine C.):

  • It will take place on March 8th through 9th starting at 4pm.
  • Was able to get in contact with an associate at Youthserve, and YS is in need of 10 more adult volunteers. Those interested must register through their website for the event (http://www.youthservebham.com/events).

Transfer Day/UAB Day (Martez):

  • Transfer Day will be this Saturday, the 22nd and UAB Day will be on March 8th in HHB 102 starting at 9:30am.
    • Martez F. needs another volunteer for this Saturday to help promote AAS.
      • He will be promoting the History department, but will ask Dr. Morgan about representing AAS as well.
      • Carlon H. has volunteered for the UAB Day on the 8th; we will need three more volunteers for this day.

Advertising for Dr. Jamison’s lecture:

  • Again, Dr. Jamison’s lecture will be this Wednesday at 6pm in HHB 102. Refreshments will be available before lecture.
  • AASO members will be meeting at 5:30pm before to help with setup of the event and to get students to attend the lecture.
  • Martez F. will be introducing Dr. Jamison.
  • We won’t be able to chalk for this event; an advertisement about the lecture was made by Elijah D. on BlazerRadio this past week. There is a possibility of completing a press release and a Q&A with Dr. Jamison after the event.
  • A possibility to advertise the lecture at the BSAC event tomorrow night; Elijah D. will need a flyer.
  • To help post flyers, meet Martez F. after 12:15 to receive flyers to be posted in the following places:
    • Heritage, Campbell, BEC, Volker Hall, Commons, Sterne, Education, Humanities, etc.
  • Martez F. and other AASO members will be talking to professors to see if the professors can use the lecture as an extra credit opportunity for their courses and to promote the event in their classes.
  • Pictures will be needed to be taken at Dr. Jamison’s lecture, either professionally or via personal camera.

Finalizing the itinerary for Marvelyn Brown’s lecture/promotion efforts:


  • 9am: pick her at airport
  • 11am-12:15pm: attend African Personality class (AAS 320-Dr. Jamison)/interact with students with lesson plan geared toward mental health and AIDS, if possible
  • 1pm: Lunch with students [Students who would like to have lunch with Ms. Brown will need to notify Jasmine C., by February 28 via email].
    • Location:Sodexo (on campus): will need to check on arrangement, George’s at Birmingham Museum of Art, Nothin’ But Noodles, Applebee’s
  • 2-3:15pm: attend Research Methods in AAS class
  • [Open time in schedule from 3:30-6:30pm, maybe Ms. Brown can get ready for lecture]
  • 6:30pm: set up lecture
  • 7pm-8:30pm: lecture/Q&A
  • As soon as the itinerary is completed, it will be shared with other organizations for more publicity and promotion.


  • Brian B. published and posted the flyer online for this event last week; event pages on all forms of our social media must be created soon.
  • Other avenues for promotion include advertising online and in press and by word of mouth.
  • Carlon H. is working on getting al.com to cover the event.
  • Also, Dr. Morgan is working on getting Ms. Brown to be interviewed on Good Day Alabama, but this still needs confirmation.
  • Brian B. will contact his society about attending lecture, and Carlon will contact BMEN about attending.
  • This promotion event will be possibly the week before (next week).
  • Martez F. receive email from his contact about setting up a HIV testing session as a promotion event, hoping that there is enough supplies to do the event. Also, another alternative will be contacting the Health Department for condoms and pamphlets to be passed. Jasmine C. will contact SHAPE at UAB and Bedsider UAB to see if they would like to get involved with this event; Jasmine C. will also check on the availability of the Blazer RLC.
    • Another location suggestion would be tabling at several different places around campus, including at the Commons and at Sterne.

Other Business Discussed at Meeting:

  • Brian B. suggested that we expand our marketing strategies about events, projects, and meetings to include other diverse populations. Also he suggested us investing in a letterhead with the new logo.
  • Details about the mentoring program were discussed.
    • Letters for mentoring program will be sent soon, and will include the plan proposed by Jasmine C., tidbits from Dr. Jamison’s and Ms. Brown’s lecture. The plan is to deliver these packets to schools one-two weeks before Spring Break (volunteers will be needed for this).
  • Martez F. announced that the new AAS website will be up in the next week.

What needs to be done:

  • Pick up flyers from Martez tomorrow after 12:15pm.
  • If you want to do Cardboard Connect, please register online ASAP.
  • If you want to do either Transfer Day this Saturday or UAB Day on the 8th, please contact Martez ASAP.
  • By this Saturday, the 22nd:
    • the location for lunch and itinerary for Ms. Brown’s lecture must be finalized.
    • Also the list of events must be finalized (Jasmine C.)

Next meeting: Monday, March 3rd at 5pm in HHB 426


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