3.03.14 Minutes

Here are the minutes from the last meeting, and they are posted on Bsync as well. 


Discuss old business.

  • Discussing Marvelyn’s lecture and future projects/events

  • All previous minutes are located on our WordPress blog and on our Bsync page.

Discuss budget hearing:

  • AASO requested $2000 total from USGA for many culturally-relevant programs/events. Most of the future projects are considered doable, as suggested by the USGA.

  • We will be notified by the USGA by Spring Break the projects/programs that have been approved and the allocation of funds for each through email or through Bsync.

Discuss the calendar of events.

  • There were 11 people in attendance and who were tested at the HIV/AIDS screening last week.

  • Tomorrow–March 4th:

  • Women’s History Month kickoff tabling event from 11am-2pm in Blazer RLC

    • Martez and Amy will set up the table at 10:30am with flyers, pamphlets, and AASO information.

  • Lunch with Marvelyn Brown at 12:30pm in HHB 534 (Currently there is 11 people signed up for lunch.)

  • Workshop with 1917 Clinic at 5:30pm in HHB 106

  • Food will be set up at 6:30pm, and lecture will begin at 7pm (Matt will be filming the lecture).

  • This weekend–March 8th and 9th:

  • No one will be able to attend Cardboard Connect on Saturday

  • Martez, Carlon, and Amy will help out with representing AAS and AASO at UAB Day on Saturday.

  • AAFA Reception on Sunday in Heritage Hall Building at 1:30pm. Martez will help with this event. If you would like to help with the event, email Dee-Dee Bruns at dbruns@uab.edu ASAP.

  • Make sure to know these dates and times. Jasmine will be posting the schedule of events to the blog shortly, and also the events for consideration from Dr. Morgan.

Discuss plans for Movie Night.

  • Monday, April 7th, at 5:00-7:30pm in HHB 102

  • Choices discussed: Pariah, Beasts of the Southern Wild, American Promise, Higher Learning, and Mama Flora’s Family.

  • We will be showing American Promise, and Jasmine C. will be checking on the cost of the licensing fee for the documentary.


  • The date will be finalized soon for delivering letters to schools before Spring Break.

    • Carlon will be contacting Holy Family this week, and Amy will be contacting Ramsay High School this week as well.

  • Amy suggested doing a retreat in the summer for all AASO officers to plan for the new year, and doing tabling at New Student Orientation dates as well.

  • Matt will be sending us an email concerning a photo shoot with UAB Digital Media and Scott Thigpen, an associate of the department. Mr. Thigpen also wanted to meet with students and interview them as well.

Next meeting: Monday, March 31st, at 5pm in HHB 102


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