3.31.14 Minutes

Hello Everyone! Here are the minutes from our meetings this semester. From now, all meeting notes will be posted on here and on our Bsync page under the file “Meeting Notes for Spring 2014“. If you need anything clarified, please contact the Secretary at jecrens4@uab.edu.



  • Old business discussed, focusing on the events held earlier in March, including the Marvelyn Brown lecture and HIV/AIDS workshops with the 1917 Clinic.
    • There were over 100 people at her lecture, and fourteen people got tested during our workshop.
    • Also we requested $2000 in funding from the USGA for the Fall semester, but are still awaiting approval
  • New business:
    • Mentoring program:
      • Carlon and Martez will be visiting two high schools, Jackson-Olin and Parker, with Carlon’s letter and our proposed plan for the program.
    • Documentary screening:
    • We will be showing American Promise this upcoming Monday at 5pm in HHB 102.
      • The screening has already been promoted through social media, and through the UAB Campus Calendar.
    • Freedom Summer event (partnership with BSAC):
      • We will have a booth with the following information:
        • Information on AAS major/minor program
        • Information on our organization
        • Information on Freedom Summer
      • We will need help with the display, so contact us ASAP.
    • Election of New Officers:
    •  Martez F. will stay on as President of AASO, Carlon H. will stay on as Vice President, and Brian B. will remain as the VP of Media Relations.
    • Stephanie B. was elected as Treasurer, and Sharkayla T. was elected as Secretary.
    • Gratitude was expressed towards the seniors graduating in the next few weeks.
    • Announcements/Suggestions: 
    • BSAC now has a Facebook page, with event pages for their Freedom Summer event and BSPOT event. Also the documentary for Freedom Summer will be shown on Campus Green.
    • Brian B. now has a radio show on BlazerRadio at 1pm on Mondays.
    • Brian B. suggested that there should be categories for the different events we do, including fundraising, social, academic, and service. He also suggested that AASO have t-shirts next semester.
    • Martez F. suggested doing a smoothie event for fundraising, and charge $3 per smoothie. But this will be in the works.
    • Quang D., the current advisor of BSAC who was in attendance in this meeting, extends help to AASO for our future programs and events.
    • Finally, the Multicultural Council will be holding their 2nd annual Poetic Justice poetry slam on Thursday at 7pm in the Aly Stephens Center. Poets including Martez F. and Elijah D. will be competing for the cash prize.


No more meetings for the semester!

Enjoy the rest of the semester and get ready for finals and graduation!



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