About Us

The African American Studies Organization has come together, in unrelenting zeal, to create a knowledgeable and respectable group, whose individuals excel academically, socially, professionally, culturally, spiritually and provide services to and influentially impact their communities locally and nationally.

The African-American Studies Organization here at UAB is comprised of students who are both African-American Studies majors and minors. The AASO will provide undergraduate African-American Studies students with enhanced knowledge and enrich their understanding of the history, culture and experience of African people in Africa as well as the peoples of African descent in the Americas and recognize the centrality of Africans to the initial establishment of these United States and the continuing significance of their descendants to the nation’s social, cultural, political, economic and spiritual growth and vigor. Furthermore, we provide members with the resources to build a support network through interaction, participation and unity.

Mission Statement: The African-American Studies Organization’s mission is to provoke scholarly thought through education, community and minority outreach, and through activism, gauging the African-American experience through a historical and social lens.

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