Social Justice and Identity (AAS 250)

You can't miss this course!!!

You can’t miss this course!!!


Announcements (6.10.14)

We will be hitting the ground running in the fall. Stay tuned!

Things to look for:

  • Our mentor program will be working in Holy Family High School.
  • Our presence on campus will be growing.
  • You will see us work with several minority organizations on campus.
  • We will be producing more culturally relevant programs.
  • Also, stay tuned to our VP of Media Relations, Brian Biggers , radio show on Blazer radio. There will be an interview with the president, Martez Files and the VP, Carlon Harris on the organization’s Program of the Year win this year. His show airs on Mondays at 1pm to 2pm.
  • THANK YOU for supporting us this semester!

    What's Next

    What’s Next

Announcements (4.14.14)

Thanks to everyone who attended our events this semester, and we are already working on ideas for events for the Fall semester. But let us know if you enjoyed our events this semester by filling out this quick survey!!!

Also HUGE NEWS: We finally have a brand-new website for the African-American Studies Department here at UAB. Check it out, and share it with your friends!!

If you are taking classes this summer, and you need a elective credit, please check out the course “The Psychology of Hip-Hop” taught by our very own Dr. Jamison. Register now for it!

Other news:

Active Minds at UAB will be hosting their second annual Stress Less Week starting today,with events organized to help you relax before finals next week!

Good luck with finals!!!

Friday’s Listens, Looks, and Reads (4.14.14)

Friday’s Listens, Looks, and Reads will be published either weekly or bi-weekly most Friday mornings (EXCEPT this post), with articles, essays, videos, and sites that are about the Black experience (which is diverse) for you to check out.

**If you have enjoyed the articles listed, comment below! If you have an suggestion for an article you have read and like to share with us, please email us!**

Articles, Op-eds, and Essays:

An article from For Harriet on focusing on the mental health of African-American women along with rejecting the “strong black women” myth. Excerpt:“We are medical doctors, PhDs, preachers, businesswomen, lawyers, teachers, and financial professionals. And, many of us are so busy achieving that we don’t properly take care of ourselves. Dr. Teleka Patrick represents the triumphs and the tragedies of being a black woman in America in the 21st century. She accomplished much more than our black foremothers could have ever imagined a black woman could achieve in this country. Yet, care for her mental and emotional health fell completely by the wayside. We, I’m talking specifically to black women here, must look at her life and death and become more mindful of taking care of ourselves. “

Another article from For Harriet focusing on the very recent suicide of popular video blogger Karyn Washington and recognizing that black girls can face difficulties from their own mental health. Excerpt:” Mental health issues, along with the lack of proper treatment, underdiagnoses and the stigma it often carries, is a very serious problem in the Black community.  And this is especially true for our young women and girls.  A recent study conducted by the African American Policy Forum revealed that Black girls have higher incidence of emotional difficulties than other girls, including signs of depression. A separate national study found that 67% of Black girls indicated that they felt sad or hopeless for two or more weeks straight, compared to 31% of white girls and 40% of Latina girls.”

A list from PolicyMic on 7 lies about young African-American men that should cease to exist.

An article from the Los Angeles Times on how black boys are affected genetically due to facing adversity. Excerpt: By the time they have reached the fourth grade, African American boys who have run a childhood gantlet of poverty, shifting family structure, harsh parenting and a mother’s low mood and educational attainment will have signs of premature genetic aging that can deepen their vulnerability to mental and physical illness, says a new study.


A video from ThinkProgress on President Obama’s speech commemorating the anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

A video from The Root featuring Left of Black–a segment on how many black female musical artists could be connected to the Black Arts Movement, a period starting in the 1970s where the goal was to create a clear and separate consciousness of blackness.

This is the last FLLR post of the semester. Enjoy the rest of your semester, and good luck with finals!!


Thank you for attending our final event for the semester: “American Promise”. If you were not able to fill a post-screening survey, please go to the link here. Thanks again!!

Also, please fill out this survey about our programs we have had this semester. This will help us gage how to improve our organization for the fall. LINK 

Thanks so much!!!