Minutes from Meetings

Hello Everyone! Here are the minutes from our meetings this semester. From now, all meeting notes will be posted on here and on our Bsync page under the file “Meeting Notes for Spring 2014“. If you need anything clarified, please contact the Secretary at jecrens4@uab.edu.




  • Old business discussed, focusing on the events held earlier in March, including the Marvelyn Brown lecture and HIV/AIDS workshops with the 1917 Clinic.
    • There were over 100 people at her lecture, and fourteen people got tested during our workshop.
    • Also we requested $2000 in funding from the USGA for the Fall semester, but are still awaiting approval
  • New business:
    • Mentoring program:
      • Carlon and Martez will be visiting two high schools, Jackson-Olin and Parker, with Carlon’s letter and our proposed plan for the program.
    • Documentary screening:
    • We will be showing American Promise this upcoming Monday at 5pm in HHB 102.
      • The screening has already been promoted through social media, and through the UAB Campus Calendar.
    • Freedom Summer event (partnership with BSAC):
      • We will have a booth with the following information:
        • Information on AAS major/minor program
        • Information on our organization
        • Information on Freedom Summer
      • We will need help with the display, so contact us ASAP.
    • Election of New Officers:
    •  Martez F. will stay on as President of AASO, Carlon H. will stay on as Vice President, and Brian B. will remain as the VP of Media Relations.
    • Stephanie B. was elected as Treasurer, and Sharkayla T. was elected as Secretary.
    • Gratitude was expressed towards the seniors graduating in the next few weeks.
    • Announcements/Suggestions: 
    • BSAC now has a Facebook page, with event pages for their Freedom Summer event and BSPOT event. Also the documentary for Freedom Summer will be shown on Campus Green.
    • Brian B. now has a radio show on BlazerRadio at 1pm on Mondays.
    • Brian B. suggested that there should be categories for the different events we do, including fundraising, social, academic, and service. He also suggested that AASO have t-shirts next semester.
    • Martez F. suggested doing a smoothie event for fundraising, and charge $3 per smoothie. But this will be in the works.
    • Quang D., the current advisor of BSAC who was in attendance in this meeting, extends help to AASO for our future programs and events.
    • Finally, the Multicultural Council will be holding their 2nd annual Poetic Justice poetry slam on Thursday at 7pm in the Aly Stephens Center. Poets including Martez F. and Elijah D. will be competing for the cash prize.


No more meetings for the semester!

Enjoy the rest of the semester and get ready for finals and graduation!





Discuss old business.

  • Discussing Marvelyn’s lecture and future projects/events

  • All previous minutes are located on our WordPress blog and on our Bsync page.

Discuss budget hearing:

  • AASO requested $2000 total from USGA for many culturally-relevant programs/events. Most of the future projects are considered doable, as suggested by the USGA.

  • We will be notified by the USGA by Spring Break the projects/programs that have been approved and the allocation of funds for each through email or through Bsync.

Discuss the calendar of events.

  • There were 11 people in attendance and who were tested at the HIV/AIDS screening last week.

  • Tomorrow–March 4th:

  • Women’s History Month kickoff tabling event from 11am-2pm in Blazer RLC

    • Martez and Amy will set up the table at 10:30am with flyers, pamphlets, and AASO information.

  • Lunch with Marvelyn Brown at 12:30pm in HHB 534 (Currently there is 11 people signed up for lunch.)

  • Workshop with 1917 Clinic at 5:30pm in HHB 106

  • Food will be set up at 6:30pm, and lecture will begin at 7pm (Matt will be filming the lecture).

  • This weekend–March 8th and 9th:

  • No one will be able to attend Cardboard Connect on Saturday

  • Martez, Carlon, and Amy will help out with representing AAS and AASO at UAB Day on Saturday.

  • AAFA Reception on Sunday in Heritage Hall Building at 1:30pm. Martez will help with this event. If you would like to help with the event, email Dee-Dee Bruns at dbruns@uab.edu ASAP.

  • Make sure to know these dates and times. Jasmine will be posting the schedule of events to the blog shortly, and also the events for consideration from Dr. Morgan.

Discuss plans for Movie Night.

  • Monday, April 7th, at 5:00-7:30pm in HHB 102

  • Choices discussed: Pariah, Beasts of the Southern Wild, American Promise, Higher Learning, and Mama Flora’s Family.

  • We will be showing American Promise, and Jasmine C. will be checking on the cost of the licensing fee for the documentary.


  • The date will be finalized soon for delivering letters to schools before Spring Break.

    • Carlon will be contacting Holy Family this week, and Amy will be contacting Ramsay High School this week as well.

  • Amy suggested doing a retreat in the summer for all AASO officers to plan for the new year, and doing tabling at New Student Orientation dates as well.

  • Matt will be sending us an email concerning a photo shoot with UAB Digital Media and Scott Thigpen, an associate of the department. Mr. Thigpen also wanted to meet with students and interview them as well.

Next meeting: Monday, March 31st, at 5pm in HHB 102




Attendance sheet was circulated.

Discuss old business from last meeting (done by Carlon):

  •  The timeline of events scheduled for this semester that is achievable to be done
  • Details of Dr. Jamison’s lecture and of Marvelyn Brown’s lecture, in terms of advertisements and logistics
  • Addition of new social media accounts (Tumblr & Instagram)
  • Electing Stephanie B. and Brian B. as Vice-Presidents of Media Relations

New business:

Cardboard Connect (discussed by Jasmine C.):

  • It will take place on March 8th through 9th starting at 4pm.
  • Was able to get in contact with an associate at Youthserve, and YS is in need of 10 more adult volunteers. Those interested must register through their website for the event (http://www.youthservebham.com/events).

Transfer Day/UAB Day (Martez):

  • Transfer Day will be this Saturday, the 22nd and UAB Day will be on March 8th in HHB 102 starting at 9:30am.
    • Martez F. needs another volunteer for this Saturday to help promote AAS.
      • He will be promoting the History department, but will ask Dr. Morgan about representing AAS as well.
      • Carlon H. has volunteered for the UAB Day on the 8th; we will need three more volunteers for this day.

Advertising for Dr. Jamison’s lecture:

  • Again, Dr. Jamison’s lecture will be this Wednesday at 6pm in HHB 102. Refreshments will be available before lecture.
  • AASO members will be meeting at 5:30pm before to help with setup of the event and to get students to attend the lecture.
  • Martez F. will be introducing Dr. Jamison.
  • We won’t be able to chalk for this event; an advertisement about the lecture was made by Elijah D. on BlazerRadio this past week. There is a possibility of completing a press release and a Q&A with Dr. Jamison after the event.
  • A possibility to advertise the lecture at the BSAC event tomorrow night; Elijah D. will need a flyer.
  • To help post flyers, meet Martez F. after 12:15 to receive flyers to be posted in the following places:
    • Heritage, Campbell, BEC, Volker Hall, Commons, Sterne, Education, Humanities, etc.
  • Martez F. and other AASO members will be talking to professors to see if the professors can use the lecture as an extra credit opportunity for their courses and to promote the event in their classes.
  • Pictures will be needed to be taken at Dr. Jamison’s lecture, either professionally or via personal camera.

Finalizing the itinerary for Marvelyn Brown’s lecture/promotion efforts:


  • 9am: pick her at airport
  • 11am-12:15pm: attend African Personality class (AAS 320-Dr. Jamison)/interact with students with lesson plan geared toward mental health and AIDS, if possible
  • 1pm: Lunch with students [Students who would like to have lunch with Ms. Brown will need to notify Jasmine C., by February 28 via email].
    • Location:Sodexo (on campus): will need to check on arrangement, George’s at Birmingham Museum of Art, Nothin’ But Noodles, Applebee’s
  • 2-3:15pm: attend Research Methods in AAS class
  • [Open time in schedule from 3:30-6:30pm, maybe Ms. Brown can get ready for lecture]
  • 6:30pm: set up lecture
  • 7pm-8:30pm: lecture/Q&A
  • As soon as the itinerary is completed, it will be shared with other organizations for more publicity and promotion.


  • Brian B. published and posted the flyer online for this event last week; event pages on all forms of our social media must be created soon.
  • Other avenues for promotion include advertising online and in press and by word of mouth.
  • Carlon H. is working on getting al.com to cover the event.
  • Also, Dr. Morgan is working on getting Ms. Brown to be interviewed on Good Day Alabama, but this still needs confirmation.
  • Brian B. will contact his society about attending lecture, and Carlon will contact BMEN about attending.
  • This promotion event will be possibly the week before (next week).
  • Martez F. receive email from his contact about setting up a HIV testing session as a promotion event, hoping that there is enough supplies to do the event. Also, another alternative will be contacting the Health Department for condoms and pamphlets to be passed. Jasmine C. will contact SHAPE at UAB and Bedsider UAB to see if they would like to get involved with this event; Jasmine C. will also check on the availability of the Blazer RLC.
    • Another location suggestion would be tabling at several different places around campus, including at the Commons and at Sterne.

Other Business Discussed at Meeting:

  • Brian B. suggested that we expand our marketing strategies about events, projects, and meetings to include other diverse populations. Also he suggested us investing in a letterhead with the new logo.
  • Details about the mentoring program were discussed.
    • Letters for mentoring program will be sent soon, and will include the plan proposed by Jasmine C., tidbits from Dr. Jamison’s and Ms. Brown’s lecture. The plan is to deliver these packets to schools one-two weeks before Spring Break (volunteers will be needed for this).
  • Martez F. announced that the new AAS website will be up in the next week.

What needs to be done:

  • Pick up flyers from Martez tomorrow after 12:15pm.
  • If you want to do Cardboard Connect, please register online ASAP.
  • If you want to do either Transfer Day this Saturday or UAB Day on the 8th, please contact Martez ASAP.
  • By this Saturday, the 22nd:
    • the location for lunch and itinerary for Ms. Brown’s lecture must be finalized.
    • Also the list of events must be finalized (Jasmine C.)

Next meeting: Monday, March 3rd at 5pm in HHB 426


2. 10. 14


Discuss old business from last meeting

  • The following was discussed at the previous meeting on the 3rd:
    • Our display poster at the Black History Month expo
    • Our social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, WordPress currently). Stephanie B. took over managing the Twitter account.
    • Our project ideas for the current semester and future semesters
    • Our plans to create a mentoring program, titled “For Greater Excellence”, in which we will visit local African-American schools in Birmingham and help them with gaining entry into college.
    • Techniques to bridge the gap between AASO and other African-American organizations on campus
    • The ideas of getting t-shirts
    • Developing a event schedule for the semester

Direct them to WordPress for the notes

  • The notes from the previous meeting (on the 3rd), this meeting, and future meeting will be posted to the WordPress blog and to our Bsync page under “Meeting Notes for Spring 2014” on Bsync and under “Minutes from Meetings” on WordPress.

New Business:

Discuss all project ideas and the time-table to bring them into fruition/Explain the projects that are achievable for this month and next month

Proposed timeline/schedule for Spring 2014:

  • Feb 10th: Emergency Meeting, 5pm, HB 234
  • Feb 17th: General Meeting, 5pm, HHB 426
  • Feb 19th: Dr. Jamison’s lecture, 6pm, HHB 102 (will be discussed in further detail below)
  • Feb 22nd: Transfer Day (Martez will be working on this)
    • Will collaborate with CAS possibly on creating posters that will promote AAS program and the double-major possibility
    • Mar 3rd: Meeting, 5pm, HHB 426
    • Mar 4th: Ms. Brown’s lecture (will be discussed further)
    • Mar 8th: Into the Streets or Cardboard Connect (CC was moved up a week)
    • April: Holding an AASO Movie Night (Brian B.’s idea) and a meeting to elect new officers and to decide on the summer scheduling
      • Possible Movie Ideas: Higher Learning, Pariah (the earlier the choice, the easier to find and to be approved)

Dr. Jamison’s lecture (Feb. 19th at 6pm)

  • Before the event: refreshments outside of HHB 102 courtesy of AAS department (will be confirmed soon)
  • Lecture has been heavily promoted online and through social media, with event pages on both Facebook and OrgSync. This event is also listed on the UAB Campus Calendar.
  • Lecture now needs to be promoted with flyers and chalking by students and members. Flyers can be posted in the following buildings: Heritage, Humanities, Campbell, Chemistry, BEC, Sterne Library, Volker Hall, Commons, maybe in Housing, and Education. (will work on getting flyers printed by the end of the week or by the meeting on Monday)
  • Sharkayla T. also suggested getting students/members to share the flyer online to their own personal social media accounts with their friends.

Discuss Marvelyn Brown’s lecture:

  • Her lecture will take place on Tuesday, March 4th, 2014.
  • Time/place is set: 7pm, in Heritage Hall 102; the reservation was just acquired, but still need to be confirmed.
  • Carlon H. has confirmed publicity from al.com, and is currently working on getting some of the major news outlets in the city (ABC 33/40, NBC, CBS, FOX) to cover the event.
    • Other promotion tactics considered includes BlazerRadio, flyers, social media, and the Kaleidoscope, similar to Dr. Jamison’s lecture.
    • Jasmine C. also suggested doing a tabling event as a form of promotion, where we could handle novelty items and pamphlets about HIV/AIDS and flyers for the event. We could partner with the Student Social Work Organization, Bedsider UAB, or SHAPE at UAB for this event. This event will need to be held the week before the lecture.
      • Brian B. also suggested creating a podcast for the organization, in which he and Martez F. will discuss issues in the black community and also promote events for AASO.

Social media:

  • Brian B. expressed interest in working graphics and social media for AASO, including working on a new logo. Also he expressed interest in creating both a Instagram account and a Tumblr account for the organization.
  • Jasmine C. suggested making Brian B. and Stephanie B. co-Vice Presidents of Social Media, managing the Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr accounts. This will be voted on during the next meeting.

Next meeting: Monday, February 17th at 5pm in HHB 426


2.3. 14


Discuss old business:

  • Activities for the semester:
    • Service (Jasmine C.): partnership with Youthserve for becoming adult volunteers for some of their community service events/ organizing a group of AASO members for Into the Streets
    • Speaker (Amy): Marvelyn Brown
      • She will need budget and contact information
      • Jasmine C. will contact Dr. Morgan about time and date, preferably in the beginning of March
    • Getting AASO member Gerrel to speak on his experiences with the prison system.
    • Combining the possible lectures from Gerrel and Marvelyn to create a type of lecture series or panel that will discuss HIV/AIDS in the prison population.

Discuss the display created for expo: display poster focused on interdisciplinary lens of unknown facts about African-Americans’ contributions in different fields, such as science and technology, medicine and psychology. Thanks to all who contributed to this.

Discuss our social media:  

  • Facebook: African-American Studies Organization at UAB, currently managed by Martez and Jasmine C.
    • Posting of articles, music, and everything else relevant to the black experience will be posted to the page.
    • Increasing number of people who have liked our page so far, over a hundred likes currently.
  • Twitter: @AASO_UAB, currently managed by Jasmine C.
    • Having difficulty gaining followers. Stephanie B. will take over as manager of said account.
  • WordPress: aasoatuab.wordpress.com, currently managed by Jasmine C.
    • Serving as a hub for all of our social media accounts, posting announcements, event schedules, articles, and everything else relevant to AASO.

Discuss project ideas and share Carlon’s letter:

Project ideas:

  • Creating a better presence on campus through outreach and public relations. This can happen at the New Student Orientation expos in the summer for incoming freshmen and at UAB Day/Transfer Days. Martez will look into Transfer Day (February 22nd) for the organization.
  • Black veterans in the community, and working with the local VA and Vet Center to create some type of panel, and/or meet and greet with the vets.
  • High school outreach (Will be discussed later in detail)
  • Creating a partnership with the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and/or the B’ham Museum of Art
  • Hosting a poetry slam with artist Divine Mind, and promoting our organization at Juneteenth (both as social events)
  • Showcase of students’ projects in AAS class as an expo, but we will need to work with professors on this idea.
  • Hosting an unsung heroes event.

Carlon’s letter |high school outreach project:

  • It focuses on gaining entry into local black high schools to talk with them on getting in into college and much more informative items. **Will be posted to our Orgsync page for members to read.
  • Name for the project that was decided on: For Greater Excellence over other choices as Operation Community, AASO Mentors, and It Takes A Village.
  • Slogan for the project: “It takes a village for greater excellence”.
  • List of schools we want to go to: Ramsay, Jackson-Olin, Holy Family, Parker, Wenonah, Midfield, Fairfield, Carver, Woodlawn, and other Birmingham City Schools. Each school listed will receive Carlon’s letter.
  • If possible, this mentor program can be turned into an all-day event.
  • If organization of project is successful, mentees can be invited to Dr. Jamison’s talk on hip-hop and masculinity on February 19th.

Discuss bridging the gap between us and other AA organizations on campus:

Attending events coordinated by other organizations such as BSAC, BMEN, UAB Multicultural Council, National Association of Black Accountants, especially with the events listed on the official Black History Month calendar from the university.

Discussing new business/announcements:

  • The idea of getting t-shirts for our organization, and covering the costs with our $5 membership fee. Also the possibility of getting a donor to buy our shirts.
  • Developing event calendar for February, March, and April:
    • What’s concrete: Dr. Jamison’s lecture on February 19th, and possibly Dr. Morgan’s banquet
    • Must decide on days and times to hold other events and projects.
    • Working with CAS Advising Office and UAB Digital Media on creating advertising materials about the AAS Department, especially the double major aspects.
      • Possible collaborators: Advisors Katherine Doggett & Deborah Littleton
      • Establishing a meeting schedule for the semester:
        • Every other Monday, if possible
        • Dates: Monday, February 17th and Monday, March 3rd at 5pm in HHB 426
        • Mentor program with Martez
          • Wednesday, 5:30-7:30pm, Wiggins Center (in distance of Lawson State Community Center), where they work on reading comprehension and leadership skills.

Next Meeting: February 17th, 5pm, HHB 426


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